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Do you have a teenager interested in learning leatherwork?

Do you want to expose your child to new skills while not adding to your work load or stress?

Have you ever started a project with your child, only to realize you don't have everything you need? If you're like me, you don't have time to go track down the missing materials. That's why I put the time into sourcing tool kits, picking projects and leathers, and creating tutorials so you don't have to.






By the end of this course,

your child will know…


  • How to safely use leather tools

    Let's avoid any trips to the ER, ok?
  • Which tools to use for which projects

    Using the right tools makes a huge difference while making the project and in the finished item.
  • The basics of leather and how to choose the right leather for a project

    All leather is not created equal and different leathers are better suited for different projects.
  • How to install rivets, snaps, and collar buttons

    Take projects to the next level with the simple addition of hardware.
  • The basic stitches and when to use them

    While many leather items are sewn on industrial sewing machines these days, we'll keep things basic and accessible and focus on hand stitching.
  • How to create six handmade leather items using the techniques taught

    These projects are items that your child can use or give as gifts. No useless tchotchkes here.


Receive the tools, leather, and hardware your child needs to complete all eight lessons, all shipped straight to your house.


Tool kit valued at $150+, and no need to buy additional kits to try to find the right tools.


*The only thing you need to buy is a lighter.


Enroll your child in Leatherwork 101 anytime. 


They can start whenever is convenient for you and them, and work at their own pace. 


Class materials and tools ship within 5-7 business days after completing the enrollment form.

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Enroll Today

In addition to the tools, leather, and hardware, your child will also be able to print the patterns and instructions and watch video tutorials for each project and practice exercise.


Students will make cord keepers, a wrist wrap, a dice tray, a key fob, a card pouch, and a wallet.


Projects valued at $125+

What’s Inside Leatherwork 101


Module 1

Safety First!

All tool kits and materials will be shipped within 5-7 business days of the course enrollment form being submitted. While you wait for your tool kits and materials to arrive, our first lesson is all about safely using the tools needed for leatherwork.

Module Highlights:

Safety is important, and we use sharp tools when working with leather. It's too easy to get hurt if proper precautions aren't taken.

  • Know your surroundings
  • Safe tool handling
  • What to do if an accident does occur
Module 2

What's In Your Toolbox?

Once you've received your tool kits and materials, you can start on Lesson 2.

Module Highlights:

No more delays, it's time to jump into learning the basics of leatherworking.

  • Tool identification
  • Stitching pony assembly instructions 
  • Two exercises to practice punching holes in leather
Module 3


Hardware isn't just used in woodworking, it's also used in leatherworking.

Module Highlights:

Rivets, snaps, and collar buttons can be used in a number of different ways.

  • Why and when we use rivets, snaps and collar buttons
  • Practice exercise: how to install rivets, snaps, and collar buttons
  • Project: cut leather and install snaps to make two cord keepers
Module 4

Leather 101

We've started working with leather, and now it's time to learn more about where leather comes from.

Module Highlights:

What's the difference between veg tan and chrome tan? And why is leather measured in ounces?

  • Where leather comes from and how it's tanned
  • Practice exercise: investigate the differences of a variety of leathers
  • Project: cut leather and install collar buttons to make a triple wrist wrap
Module 5

Using Patterns & Blade Sharpening

We're halfway through the course and getting into the good stuff! But first, we'll review good safety practices.

Module Highlights:

A sharp knife is key to a good cut and will also, paradoxically, help reduce injuries.

  • How to stay safe while cutting leather
  • Practice exercise: how to hone a blade to keep it sharp 
  • Practice exercise: how to use a pattern
  • Project: cut leather and install rivets to make a dice tray
Module 6


We've made some projects that didn't need stitching, but learning how to sew leather is important.

Module Highlights:

Even stitches take attention to detail and practice, but spending time on this lesson will really pay off. 

  • The different stitches and when you use them
  • Practice exercise: how to sew leather with two different stitches
  • Project: cut and stitch a key fob
Module 7

The Project Chooses the Leather

Some leathers just don't work for some projects, and we'll talk about why (and I'll share a particularly spectacular fail I had when I chose the wrong leather for a project!).

Module Highlights:

We'll learn some more terminology, including what temper and pull-up mean.

  • The different properties of leather and what projects they're most appropriate for
  • Practice exercise: investigate the different properties of a variety of leathers and identify which projects they'd be best suited for
  • Project: cut and stitch leather and install rivets to make a card pouch
Module 8

Edge Finishing

We're finishing our basics of leatherworking course by learning how to finish the raw edges of leather.

Module Highlights:

Raw edges have their place, but sometimes you just want a more finished  edge.

  • How and when to finish leather edges
  • Practice exercise: how to finish veg tan leather edges
  • Project: cut, stitch, and finish the edges of a veg tan wallet

When you enroll your child in this course,

you’ll get: 

Leatherwork 101

(A $1500 Value)


  • 8 weekly lessons with detailed tutorials in both written and video form ($1200) 

    They will progress through the basics of leatherworking and learn to install hardware, cut leather, stitch leather, and finish the edges of veg tan projects. No need for them or you to have prior knowledge of leatherworking.

    At the end of the course, they'll have made cord keepers, a wrist wrap, a dice tray, a key fob, a card pouch, and a wallet.

    They will also have lifetime access to these tutorials. 

  • All the leather working tools and leather needed for each project and practice exercise ($300)

    Delivered straight to your house!
  • Less stress for you (Priceless)

    No need to run around town or spend hours online, hunting down the tools and materials they need for each lesson. All you need to do is provide a lighter, appropriate supervision, and an extra hand if they need it.

Plus These Bonuses to Help Your Child Get the Most Out of the Leatherwork 101 Course 

(Up to a $270 Value)


Bonus 1

Email Support

Have questions while working through a lesson? I will help!

(A $200 Value)

What You’ll Get:

Direct email access to me, where you can:

  • Get additional help with a project
  • Ask questions about leatherwork techniques or other related topics
Bonus 2

Sticker Pack

Because you can never have too many stickers.

(A $20 Value)

What You’ll Get:

Five fun stickers to decorate your tool kit, your water bottle, wherever you like to place them.

Bonus 3

Free Shipping

There are no hidden or additional fees when you register for Leatherwork 101.

(Up to a $50 Value, depending on where you live)

What You’ll Get:

All the tools and materials shipped straight to you without any additional fees.

"Leatherwork 101 is a good experience and you get to learn new things that can help later on in life."


A.T. (Leatherwork 101 student)

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Leatherwork 101

  • All the tools and materials needed for all 8 lessons - $300
  • Detailed written and video tutorials for each lesson - $1200

Total Value of Course: $1500


Plus these valuable bonuses:

  • Email Support - $200 Value
  • Sticker Pack - $20 Value
  • Free Shipping - up to $50 Value

Total Value of Bonuses: up to $270

When you add it all up, that’s a value of up to $1770

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for:

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Money Back Guarantee

Leatherwork isn't for everyone, so if your child decides they're not interested, I understand.

To receive a full refund, contact me within 21 days of receiving your tools and materials and let me know that it's not a good fit.

After contacting me, you must return all tools and the unused materials at your expense. Once I receive them, your refund will be processed.

Frequently Asked Questions


Register for Leatherwork 101 today. You can start right away, or have the tools and materials on-hand for when your schedule opens up.

2 Monthly Payments of


Let's get started!


A One-Time Payment of


Let's get started!

Still thinking about it?


Leatherwork 101 is PERFECT for your child if 

  1. You love interest-led learning.
  2. You want to encourage your child to explore new interests, but don't have the time to learn about them yourself.
  3. You want an experienced leatherworker on call to answer questions your child may have.
  4. You want to help your child learn new skills without spending a fortune in the process.
  5. You want your child to learn from someone who has experience teaching teens (and is a homeschooling mom!).

I can’t wait for you to join Leatherwork 101!

As a busy, long-time homeschooling mom (we're in our eleventh year!), I know that time is precious. I also know how frustrating it can be to start a project or experiment, only to realize we're missing crucial ingredients or materials.

I don't know about you, but I don't have time to drop everything and drive into town, where I may or may not find what we need.

I have always loved working with my hands. I learned to sew in elementary school, learned woodworking in junior high school, and learned leather working as an adult. I love working with leather and want to share that love with your child.

I have an Etsy shop and an online site where I sell my leather totes, leather and waxed canvas bags, and leather notebooks. I also have my leather and waxed canvas bags stocked by a local store.

As I worked on this course, I knew that I wanted to remove all obstacles that might keep your child from successfully completing the course and learning the basics of leatherwork.

And I didn't want it to be a burden on you, the parent. We're all busy and stressed, with too much to do and not enough time. But we also want our children to explore their interests and learn new skills. 

Leatherwork 101 fits the bill on both counts.

The only additional item you will need to purchase for this course is a lighter, which can be found just about any where, since I can't ship lighters. That's doable, right?

And if the course isn't a good fit for your child, don't forget that I do have a money back guarantee.

I look forward to meeting you in the Leatherwork 101 Community.

Jenifer Smith

Add Leatherwork 101 to your teen's curriculum. 

2 Monthly Payments of


Sounds great, sign us up!


A One-Time Payment of


Sounds great, sign us up!